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Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App Presence

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App Presence

by Ron Randall

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App Presence



Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App Presence


I think at this point time it would be pretty obvious that having a mobile app business card would be the next logical step. Seeing how everything business related is going mobile. Remember when, or if you are of the younger generation you may not remember when not all businesses had a website. Here is why your business needs a mobile app presence.

That’s right there was a time when the internet just launched that not a companies or businesses had a website. If your business had a website you were ahead of the curve, and other companies were being left behind until they caught and created a website for their business. Now just about every business has a website. It is a natural business evolution.

Now here we are in the 21st and not all businesses have a mobile app business presence. It does not make sense seeing how this would be a natural business evolution once again which is why your business needs a mobile app presence.

The startling reality is the 9 out of every 10 businesses does not have a mobile app presence. Sounds kind of strange. Why would 90% of all companies not have a mobile app. Well the answer is pretty simple actually.

Most mobile apps cost way too much to have made. The range of costs can be from $1000’s of dollars to $10,000’s of dollars or even more. You see most start up companies just can’t afford to pay the cost of creating a mobile app. I am sure they would love to have a mobile app presence but just can’t afford the cost. Which leaves a lot of companies behind the curve and in the dark.

However there is an answer to this dilemma.

A new company has emerged with an incredible solution. The company is called VCard Global out of Florida. They have come up with an incredible mobile app system where any company can afford to have a strong mobile presence.

The first flagship product is a FREE mobile digital business card which in itself is a huge benefit for any business owner who is still printing business cards. Printed business cards are a thing of the past. This digital business card is pretty impressive and absolutely free with no financial obligation to do anything. You heard that right absolutely FREE, no really FREE, FREE.

The second product they have is a full fledged mobile app with tons of features like adding videos, blog, social media,pdf file coupons, map feature, websites, unlimited pages and a whole lot more.

The third feature is the affiliate program that is attached to the full fledged version. That’s right you can also make money giving away the free version and once someone upgrade to the pro-version you get paid.

So you can now a full mobile app for your business at a very lost and it can also become a extra stream of income for yourself.

This is a win win situation for your business and for your potential customer.



Get Your Very Own FREE Mobile App For Your Business


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