The Modern Day Warrior

by Ron Randall

Modern Day Warrior


So the question is what does the modern day warrior look like?

Warriors in the days of old were armies of men like knights, gladiators, or just fighters fighting for a grand cause. So what is warrior in the 21st century?

Is it people in the armed forces fighting for their country and freedom? Yeah I guess that would be true.

How about the average person fighting to keep a job and put food on the table struggling to raise a family? That could be a type of modern day warrior.

Maybe even a spiritual and mental warrior who keeps their faith no matter what someone else might say. Who refuses to give in to the negativity in society and stand up for truth and freedom like a national patriot.

These I believe are the modern day warriors who refuse to give in and keep trying no matter what the odds are against them. Who refuse to let life push them around and instead dictate their own destiny in life.

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