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2016 Presidential Election Everyone Missed

2016 Presidential Election Everyone Missed

by Ron Randall
2016 Presidential Election Everyone Missed

Okay, here we go, the 2016 Presidential Election. The moral of the story has nothing to do with politics. Clinton, Trump. Of course we know politics usually does not bring out the best in people, right? We saw some pretty dirty stuff and nasty campaigning. It just got ugly and everybody was really pretty much sick and tired of it, we all couldn't wait till it was over.

It ended and here we are moving on.

However, the moral of the story isn't politics. It wasn't even about America. You know, that's what this is about, obviously, but I want to go beyond that. This is something that most people never talked about, you don't hear about it; they're missing the point.

The big point, for me, personally, was David and Goliath, and David won again. You have a guy here, who happened to be Trump, like him or hate him; he went against the system. He went against, I mean, the planet, international countries, globalist money and banks.

He went up against the whole entire machine. Usually when people do that they get crushed and you never hear from them again. However, he won which is totally amazing; and that's the inspiration here, folks. Never give up.

This guy had the deck stacked against him at every level, everywhere he turned everybody's smashing him, the system was just, and the media. Everybody was so against this guy. He did not give up. He kept moving on. It didn't matter what people said about him, he didn't care, right?

He had a mission, he had something he was going to accomplish, and he just kept going forward and forward and shocked the whole system. He beat everyone, at every level, at every turn; and he won.

Once again, it doesn't matter, Clinton, Trump, names don't matter with this as far as I'm concerned. The moral of the story is you keep going, you do not give up. This guy did not give up. He Could have given up plenty of times and I'm sure plenty of people out there would have given up easily.

That's the inspiration here, folks, that's what this is all about for me totally and completely inspiring. We should all be looking at this and saying "Wow! He went up against the whole entire machine and won." How many people out there would have completely give up at the first obstacle. Someone says something negative about you and it totally crushes you, right?

This guy didn't stop for anything and that's the point. Don't stop, folks, this should be an inspiration for us all. Forget about the politics, forget about the political garbage. For me that's not the point. The point here is keep going no matter what people say, no matter how the deck is stacked against you. This guy was the underdog of the underdog of the underdogs and still rose to the top and won.

How many times have you given up on your dreams and aspirations? I know I have plenty of times. And that is the problem we all give up much too easy. We are so used to giving up it is just natural and no big deal anymore. We are almost expected to give in and give up.

Giving up is not acceptable anymore or it should not be. Trump reached the highest office on the planet because he did not give up. Just imagine the things we can all accomplish if we just keep going and not give in. Do yourself and your life a favor don't give up.


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